About Us

K Agency is a London based, global-thinking, creative agency that specializes in PR, marketing and communications in the luxury travel and lifestyle sectors. We are a young independent company that thrives on delivering powerful brand strategy and identity.

We love what we do, and we take what we do seriously. We know the social sphere, and by fusing strategy and innovation, we provide a fresh perspective with a smart (dare we say) chic, marketing edge.

Our excellence is fuelled by a passion for the smallest of details.

Our talented team is small, and that’s the way we want it. We work with clients that we like; people who treat others with respect, people who are honest, and people who are great at what they do.

At K agency, we stay abreast of the market trends and industry news and we deliver one of a kind, unforgettable communications with brand experience, awareness and reach.

About K PR Agency

The K Agency Team

“We pride ourselves on passion, professionalism, and brainpower. We believe in innovation, style, and consistency. We are free thinkers, art lovers, storytellers, blow minders (yes, we love to play with words), coffee drinkers, right and left-brainers.”

About Kakia Michou

Kakia Michou is the founding director of K agency. Over 20 years, Kakia has partnered with a variety of luxury brands in hospitality, art and tourism. She is a master project manager and leads an expert team in building and managing brands across multiple channels. Her strong relationships in the luxury travel and lifestyle sectors allows her to truly know what helps her clients uncover and amplify their brand stories. Formerly based in the Caribbean, Kakia now resides in London with her husband and daughter. Art, design and travel are her passions.