British Interior Designer John Teall Opens New Los Angeles Studio

John Teall launches his first US studio in Los Angeles, providing bespoke interior, furniture and set design services

The opening of John Teall’s US-based studio in LA in June, 2024, is exciting news for the design and film sectors, as designer John Teall has a reputation for fusing the two in an innovative, often subversive, and always inspiring way.

For two decades now, Teall’s been breaking conventions, setting trends and winning awards around the world for his pioneering vision in design.

Collaborating with eminent figures like Roland Emmerich, Mark Gordon, Dyson Lovell, and Franco Zeffirelli, Teall’s work features in prestigious global publications and museums, including the V&A in London and the South Korean Museum of Contemporary Art.

Teall’s also appeared on Netflix’s Amazing Interiors, The Jonathan Ross Show, ITV News, and other news and lifestyle programmes. Notably, he wa honoured as one of Taschen’s top international designers, recognised among the top superyacht designers by BOAT International, and recently featured among the world’s 100 greatest interior designers in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Volume 27.

A Transatlantic Journey

Teall’s decision to relocate to Los Angeles is driven by a passion for embracing new challenges and the desire to bring his offbeat design philosophy to a dynamic and diverse market in the United States.

“My history in LA dates back to 2000 when I acquired a second home. I’ve completed numerous projects in LA and New York over the years, and now feels the right time to set up a permanent studio to meet demand,” he says.

Teall loves the LA design scene. He believes its fresh and open-minded approach blends well with his own eclectic and rebellious way of looking at things.

He’s always intermingled set and interior design. “To me, they are inseparable. My contacts book of trusted suppliers and artisans is thicker here than in Europe, because LA is unequivocally the world leader on both fronts.

Teall adds “The benefit of coming to us is you get the best of the film and design worlds in Los Angeles, as well as history and style emanating from Europe.”

Current Endeavours

John’s excavating a basement to create a home cinema for a film director, along with refurbishing a Hollywood Hills residence for a notable actress. In addition, he’s designing the set for a feature film this summer.

“My long-standing connections in the film industry have made Los Angeles the natural choice.”

In addition, he’s exploring opportunities elsewhere in America. Having just completed a project in New York, John has another one on the cards towards the end of the year. And he’s about to commence work on an upcoming venture in Miami.

Teall’s new studio will bring together professionals from various disciplines to create the highest standards and bespoke solutions tailored to the individual tastes and needs of his clients.


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