Kirk Mechar Studio

Kirk Mechar is a Canadian artist based in Nevis, West Indies and Toronto, Canada. His work is widely recognized for the large abstract flower patterns he creates, incorporating thick oils with saturated colour, often cutting “mosaic tiles” from the work to reconfigure the canvas in a manner that blurs the lines between landscape and abstract painting.

Rendered in Nevis, West Indies, Mechar’s paintings are charged with the lushness of the Caribbean’s foliage. Epic scale canvases that engulf the viewer in kaleidoscopic tapestry, possessing an hypnotic – even psychedelic – quality.

Enigmatic in subject, the works might capture tiny fragments of pollen, petals and their stoma or could just as well depict the phenomenal deluge of tropical storms. His compositions often posses an ethereal effect that celebrates nature and life.

Kirk Mechar studied interior design before committing to studio work full time. He is a self-taught painter and exhibits in London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Ottawa. He currently lives and works in Nevis, West Indies and Toronto, Canada.