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PR and Social Media Ideas for the month of August

Welcome to the month of August!

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your social media posts or your short-lead pitches,  below you will find February’s social holidays, to stay organized and plan ahead.

August is…

Monthly Themes, Events //

  • Notting Hill Carnival (27th-29th)

Special Dates//
August 3 National Water Melon Day US
August 4 Cycle to Work Day
August 4 Coast Guard Day US
August 5 International Beer Day
August 5 National Oyster Day US
August 8 International Cat Day
August 9 Book Lovers Day
August 10 National Lazy Day
August 10 World Lion Day
August 12 World Elephant Day
August 13 International Left-Handers Day
August 13 National Prosecco Day
August 15 National Relaxation Day US
August 16 National Rum Day US
August 17 National Nonprofit Day
August 19 World Photography Day
August 19 World Humanitarian Day
August 20 International Homeless Animals Day
August 21 World Entrepreneurs Day
August 23 Hashtag Day US
August 25 National Burger Day
August 26 Women’s Equality Day
August 26 International Dog Day
August 27 Notting Hill Carnival
August 28 National Red Wine Day
August 29 Summer Bank Holiday
August 30 National Beach Day US

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